History of the Citroen C2

The Citroën C2 was a supermini car that was launched into production in 2003.

A replacement for the Citroen Saxo, it was built at a factory on the edge of Paris called Aulnay.

The model was taken out of production three years ago as Citroen introduced the DS3 in 2010.

When it was launched the C2 was aimed at the younger driver and was designed by Donato Coco.

It had two doors and styling intended to appeal to young people.

As far as safety was concerned the C2 achieved a four-star rating on the Euro NCAP scale.

The Citroen C2 was an award winner in its time with the entry-model version equipped with black plastic bumpers and basic equipment.

The next trim level up was produced until 2005 and saw the C2 fitted with radio/CD player, black bumpers and adjustable rear seats. Step up from there and body-coloured bumpers and electric windows were added to the mix.

The luxury top-of-the-range specification came equipped with air conditioning.

In 2004 a limited edition GT model was launched offering white alloy wheels, a bodykit aimed at the sporty end of the market with red, silver, blue and black bodywork. Only 2250 were made to be sold exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Three years after launch a small number of changes were made to the C2. As far as the exterior goes the model was left largely unaltered apart from minor work to the alloy wheels on the VTR model. Also introduced were colour coded door mirrors, clear side indicator lenses, and white indicator rear lenses.

The cabin was spruced up with a new audio unit and electrical system. The C2 was given some fancy computer wizardry while driver displays and the centre console were given a different look.

The next major move for the Citroen C2 came in 2008 when a facelift was announced for the model.

The results became apparent the following year when the C2 was unveiled and changes such as a larger front bumper and restyled grille with a chrome surround could be seen.

The trim specifications remained the same as previously. For bike information try Buy Your Bike

The Citroen C2 was fitted with a couple of innovations. it had a stop and start function to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption and the SensoDrive five-speed semi-automatic gearbox.

The stop and start system involves the internal combustion engine being supplemented by a small electric motor. The system, developed by Valeo, automatically disengages the engine when you bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

The engine quickly restarts when pressure on the brake pedal is relieved.

The SensoDrive five speed semi-automatic transmission is an electronically controlled manual gearbox, with the clutch and gear-change functions electronically managed.